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BoatMate Trailers for Crest Pontoons and Tritoons

Boatmate Trailers is dedicated to building the highest quality premium boat trailers in the industry. At Boatmate Trailers we push our passion to the limit to deliver more than you expect. Our innovative styling and superior construction provides a boat trailer that looks better and goes farther. We know our customers work hard, play hard and depend on our products to give them the most out of every outing. That’s why we focus on exceeding expectations by providing a product you can trust and a knowledgeable staff to provide the quality service you deserve. Our team of dedicated professionals continues to raise the bar setting industry trends and positioning Boatmate Trailers as the market leader.


Boatmate Trailers is dedicated to building the world’s best marine trailer and we also provide our customers with the strongest warranty in the business. Our 5 Year Limited Warranty provides you the customer with the added reassurance that your Boatmate Trailer will make it to the lake every time. Our warranty is simple and easy to understand. We are not a company that believes in the small print that is hard to understand or written in a manner that is confusing. We believe in providing you the truth and the truth is, we have the strongest warranty in the business. You have purchased the world’s best trailer from the world’s best manufacturer. We are confident you have purchased the best craftsmanship, world leading innovation and highest quality product in the business. We don’t just say it, but also reinforce it with our warranty. With that said, you as a new Boatmate Trailer owner will enjoy the reassurance that you are covered for 5 Years!

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